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Dreamville Records has finished watching the throne. Having an indisputable impulse, Cole's clan asserts itself as the No. 1 combined of fashion-hop. Rest at your own risk. Note: This story was first published in the 2019 Spring issue of XXL, currently on stand. By examining the dark stone and dark wood exterior panels and woods of the Reviewing Astros Trades, 1960s, Atlanta's Woods Sound Studios - hidden behind a grove of woodland away from Peachtree Business Blvd - could be thought a post office. Or a developing government administrator. Or maybe even a residence for the elderly. But for that cool January Wednesday night, cole & mason derwent salt and pepper mill gift set the unpretentious, sophisticated documentary is the home of Mr. Cole's Dreamville Records. It does not take the last day of what has been affectionately referred to as "gangster rap camp": 10 hours in a row, or 240 direct hours of documentation of hours that could have placed Cole's staff composed of Bas, Cozz, MI, Earthgang, Lute, Omen and performer Ari Lennox in addition to their long list of elite music guests at the center of the spirit of fashion-hop. The purpose of the Super Pals type of unification is generally to produce Vengeance with the Dreamers Three, a Dreamville collection whose official statement had been eagerly awaited in recent days. At the back of the one-way mirrored entrance doors is a vast modern and comfortable enterprise that houses a horde of songwriters, industry personalities and other notables who possess enormous variations of Super star. Artists with SoundCloud perform batch operations and apply scissors with qualified stars such as Ski Hide The Downturn God.

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