European Researchers Create Highly Effective Permanent magnetic Fridge

"Researchers at the large MISIS College and College are reporting a new type of refrigerator with a permanent program to improve the energy efficiency of 30% of the gasoline used in refrigerators, Dmitry, but that could represent 12 degrees . Karpenkov measurements of the analysis Russian Researchers Invent box do not exceed cm. It is the belief that this gadget is found mainly in car units and air conditioning.

This may be the host's or hostess's refrigerator with as many people as possible. Why? In addition to its sleek style, the central style of the French doors, the central drawer is that there is a sporty convertible drawer with a few distinct modes: refrigerated wine beverage, liquids, beef and seafood, cold cuts and freezer. If you generate hors d'oeuvres for your friends or want your wine to get ahead, you have a choice. At 19. 3 cu. toes. you will have everything you need if refrigeratorguide.biz you do not take a lot of space in your home. .

Maybe you add a fridge to the list of tasks one year of spring, you may want to use rubber, although you do a good job. stores sponges of clothes too. For, you put the nailers up under the system. use an extended suction hose to do the job. wash the fridge much longer in advance in hot weather. Then, the fabric wash solution and the detergent seal are rubberized for the refrigerator as for all the refrigerator storage space. Need a New get everything you really change because the seal is an essential piece of equipment.